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How we made our hand rolled ice cream?

First we pour our premium ice cream base with other fresh ingredients onto a frozen stainless steel preparation 

pan which can be cooled to as low as -15 degrees;


Then we use metal paddles to quickly chop and smash the base and ingredients together to perfection,in less than 3 minutes it magically turned into smooth,creamy and 

yummy rolled ice cream that is ready to serve with your

 favourite toppings!

What is Creama Float?

Creama has a rich and aromatic taste that gives your drink that extra yummy taste. As the lighter liquid infuses with the liquid that comes after, it filters up and settles into an airy bubbly foam.

The thick layer of white, frothy cream can be applied to many beverages such as boba bubble tea.
Crema is most popular in coffee and teas to add a new layer of flavor.Adding crema will give your drinks an extra dimension of flavors and textures.


Whipping Cream Cheese: This cream has a heavier flavor than the original flavor and is slightly salty. If you’re worried about the idea of cheese on your coffee, don’t worry! The cheese flavors becomes lighter when whipped with heavy cream and isn’t overpowering, giving your Tea Creama another delicious layer of flavor. Trust us, it’s terrific!




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