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Let’s shout “ You Need CHA”! Cha stands

UNICHA, a globally-inspired Tea and Ice cream Parlor is a treat to your taste-buds. Just as the name suggests, UNICHA is an acronym for 'You need cha'. 'Uni' refers to Unique and 'Cha' refers to Tea.


Love consuming flavored teas and ice-creams? A bon vivant by heart? You’re right on the spot then. UNICHA offers you with a diverse range of options available in tea and rolled-up ice-creams. It is a brainchild of the owner who has travelled across the globe and consumed countless varieties of ice-cream and tea that tasted divine. Extracting the idea, and appending it with numerous fresh flavors and invincible experience, UNICHA was launched for the epicureans. Real ingredients and no preservatives - we guarantee the freshness!


Handpicked from world’s best sources, our teas are one-of-its kind. We assure you of the finest products that are marked in quality and taste. Each cup of our tea is freshly infused with a flavor that is locked in primitively to give your senses a jolt. The aromatic and succulent sip of our tea would make your experience valuable. Our recipes are instilled with skill, innovation and taste. Oh, did we just missed ‘Love’? Our love-infused teas would ensure your cyclic visits to our parlor.


Why travel the world to savor a distinctive taste in Ice-creams? UNICHA has an extensive range of fresh and luscious rolled-up ice-creams for your soul’s satisfaction. We’re here to spin your heads with our delectable options! Our pour-chop-roll technique is sure going to wobble you from within. Just choose your flavor, and gear up to relish the best! We bet you won’t be able to stick on one!


The gourmet-lovers, your wait is over! UNICHA is now in town!

Please note - We do not compromise in quality; all our offerings are quality-assured.

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